How to Receive Therapy

Evaluation Information

If you believe your child needs therapy, a referral from your pediatrician is required for treatment. After receiving a referral from your child's pediatrician please contact one of our three locations to schedule an initial evaluation.

Our front desk staff will go over an intake form with you on the phone.  They will ask for basic demographic information, insurance information, therapy history, and a brief description of the concerns you would like us to address at the evaluation.

Once an appointment is scheduled, we will set you up on our parent portal to enter your child's health history information.  To expedite the process, this information must be filled out prior to arrival for the evaluation.  We appreciate your efforts in filling this out as thoroughly as possible.
When you arrive at our office you will need to check in with our front desk.  They will have forms for you to sign, and will ask to make a copy of your insurance card.  Evaluation appointments are generally an hour long. 

We request that the parent/gaurdian remain present during the evaluation.  When the evaluation is complete, the therapist will discuss areas of concern, and recommendations going forward.

If your insurance requires an authorization we will work to obtain that authorization, and call to schedule you when it is in place.