Soft Tissue Mobilization/Myofascial Release (STM/MFR)

Soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release techniques work to improve the ability of the muscles, skin, ligaments, tendons, and other tissues of the body to move in a way that enhances the functional ability to move. It is a hands-on technique that allows the therapist to assess and use gentle pressure along the tight muscles and other tissues. STM/MFR uses different pressures and techniques to work through and address each restriction or painful area depending on tolerance.

Uses and benefits of STM/MFR:
  • Used on just about any area of the body where a muscle, ligament, tendon, or other tissue may be tight and impacting a child’s ability to perform all tasks including in their arms and legs as well as their back and neck which may be impacting their ability to sit or stand with good alignment.
  • Improves the range of motion in a particular area of the body which is limiting a child’s ability to sit, stand, walk, or perform other gross motor activities.
  • Decreases pain and swelling and increases flexibility by reducing restrictions to improve functional mobility of the particular area of the body that is limited.

STM/MFR can be helpful in managing impairments related to the following conditions:
  • Torticollis
  • Cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular diagnoses that result in tight muscles impacting function
  • Post-surgical
  • Musculoskeletal injuries