Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) provides children with verbal speech additional resources to assist and enhance communication skills. Some examples of commonly used forms of AAC include facial expressions, gestures, sign language, pictures, and writing. Some children benefit from low tech picture and symbol communication pages or books. Others may benefit from a high tech electronic tool such as a speech generating device (SGD) to develop functional communication. Speech-language pathologists (SLP) at Medical Support Services, Inc. have extensive training in recommendation and development of AAC systems. Since the need for communication spans all environments, AAC takes a team approach and will include the child, parents, and the SLP. Additional team members may include Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and teachers.
Candidates for Referral:

-Serious verbal communication limitations

Some areas of improvement that can be expected include:

-Communicating needs